At HLBI we rely on the achievement of your business objectives by offering a wide range of services that help improve the risk management activities and operational processes of your Company.


At its most effective level, risk management and internal control must be included within existing functions and processes and aligned throughout the organization. In addition, there is a growing recognition among leading organizations that there are important opportunities to improve risk coverage, business operations and competitive advantage, through their alignment.
Our management consulting services include a variety of technical advice in areas that require continuous growth and amazing speed. We design, install, review and modernize accounting systems, cost systems and organization manuals and procedures, conduct business valuations, as well as advice on mergers and acquisitions processes, among others. We also offer executive recruitment services, information technology (IT) and Human Resources consulting.


Internal Audit is a fundamental component of corporate governance structures and processes, and must be aligned with critical business procedures. An effective audit program will be formulated through a comprehensive and systematic assessment of all key business risks.
The internal audit explores all aspects of the company’s activity from the traditional ‘surveillance’ role that focuses on providing security over the execution of key controls, to the ‘independent advisor’ role, which focuses on efficiency and effectiveness, and in assisting Management to promote process improvements and facilitate change.

More specifically, the internal audit monitors:

  • The degree of compliance with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and addresses.
  • The effectiveness of the design, implementation and execution of internal controls.
  • The integrity, precision and reliability of the financial and operational information and all underlying reports.
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and service delivery, and their results.

  • Design and Implementation of the Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Design and Implementation of Internal Control System
  • Business Plan Review
  • Asset Laundering Certification
  • Design and Implementation of Organization Manual
  • Organizational Climate Measurement
  • IT Performance Improvements
  • Review of Controls in System Integration
  • Preparation and Review of Contingency Plans
  • Definition of Security Procedures and Policies
  • Selection and Recruitment of Executives
  • Administration of Computer Systems Implementations
  • Analysis and Design of Computer Systems

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