Today businesses are global. For companies to grow and compete they need to develop internationally. Tax authorities around the world are becoming more sophisticated; they share information about taxpayers, as well as developing tax laws.

This implies that companies with international plans and operations must be well informed, and require professionals with the ability to provide local attention with global skills. The tax professionals of HLB International firms can work together to plan and provide a wide range of opportunities to local and foreign companies and corporations.


Compliance with the Tax Return
This approach involves reviewing tax returns from previous years with Management and seeks to identify the areas for potential tax savings.

Interpretation of tax treaties
Many tax matters require careful analysis of multiple tax treaties. Only professionals well versed in reading and interpreting such treaties can offer tax optimization strategies.

Transfer Pricing Issues
The transfer of prices is the valuation of goods, services and charges for the use of intangibles, traded internationally.

Many companies consider price transfer essentially as a compliance practice; However, this is not just a compliance requirement. Proper multinational planning can save on taxes worldwide. Most commercial nations have complex documentation requirements and penalties or fines for non-compliance. Hiring professionals to help you manage various tax authorities allows you to focus on your business objectives. In our country, the regulations to report it to the DGII on Transfer Pricing have recently been legislated and established.

Tax Incentives for Exports
Knowing about and understanding tax incentives for exports can produce greater profitability in exports.

Corporate Reorganization: Participation, Financial and Licensing Structures.
Without the appropriate corporate tax structure, companies that operate and have subsidiaries in foreign jurisdictions, can be inefficiently structured and therefore, a general increase in the tax burden may arise.

Services we offer

  • Fiscal Planning
  • Fiscal Resources
  • Design Fiscal Strategies
  • Business Dissolution
  • Fiscal Compliance - Outsourcing
  • Preparation and Review of Tax Returns
  • Tax Services to Natural Persons
  • Transfer Prices

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